Blackghost Studio

Black Ghost Studio is a recent and independent video game company founded in Geneva, Switzerland the 1st may 2015, by three motivated young men: Ismail Benjelloun, Bruno Salgado and Paolo Gnazzo, connected by their passion and childhood dreams. It is our love for video games combined to our gamer experiences that makes something special about Black Ghost Studio. The studio has no standard working hours because to succeed all four of us are working hard, self-tought and sacrificing the free time to live our passion and make people play the game we dream of playing.


Ismail Benjelloun


Since he was a little boy, Ismail Benjelloun always said he wanted to create video games. This passion grew with the years and he started a collection of video games and object related to his favorite games aswell as manga culture. His very open-minded spirit and social skills led him to graduate from the Institute of Finances and Management of Geneva in the Marketing and Communication faculty.
He loves art and spends his time drawing. Those skills allows him to help with the games interfaces and menus. He is the founder and CEO of the company he is also directing the projects and is involved in the game design.

Bruno Salgado

Technical Director

Bruno Salgado is one of the youngest members of the company, his motivation, organisation and pragmatism made him graduate from the Professional Technic Formation in the Informatic faculty. His passion for video games and how things are made give him an advantage in the programming area. His background motivates him to teach and share his experiences with people by explaining complex actions with simple words.
He loves practicing any kind of sports, he is a very social person and love spend time with family and friends.

Jean-Philippe Froelicher


Jean-Philippe Froelicher is one of the new member of team. Technician specialist in development, he is now one of the actors of Black Ghost Studio. Passionate of video games from his childhood, it’s a part of the reason he become developer.