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Galactic Superball Logbook


Every 2 years, the most powerful players around the universe compete for the title of Galactic Champion in one of the most popular sport of all time, the Superball. it’s up to you and your teammates to climb the league ladder to reach the final and perhaps become the next Galactic Champions !


[ Lore ]

Summary: The child of one of the richest merchants in the galaxy wants to participate in the Galactic Superball tournament, unfortunately he does not have the skills required to be qualified and can not find teammates able to compensate for his low level, despite its many attempts of corruption he is categorically refused from the competition. He then decides to take revenge and organizes a surprise attack during the grand final, fortunately a team of young and hard-working players is there to try to stop him.


  • World competitive mode: Compete against the strongest teams in the galaxy in competitive 3v3 and 2v2 online matches and try to reach the top of the world rankings
  • Online and local multiplayer: Challenge your friends in online or local games with split screen supporting up to 4 players simultaneously.
  • More than 15 unique characters: Combine the special skills of more than 15 characters spread over 3 classes to find the team build that will make your team win.
  • Customization: Customize the gameplay and skills of your characters through a special talent tree and change their appearance by getting or buying different skins.
  • Monthly events: Participate in monthly events where the rules of the game are modified to bring a greater diversity and allow you to obtain unique rewards.
  • Free to play: Good news ! You can participate in the tournament for free but you will only have access to restricted content. That said, the competition has value only if all the participants are on an equal footing, that is why the bonuses to be obtained with the money of the game or the real money are only cosmetic.
  • Regular update: The competition organizers are redoubling their efforts to offer players and the public the best experience, each season hosting new content, balancing and new playable characters.


[ Other Features ]

  • Daily Quests: Complete daily quests and earn coins to unlock rewards in the store.
  • Training Mode: Refine your abilities and test your characters special moves in a simple and intuitive training mode.
  • Challenges: Try to succeed as many challenges as possible and prove your worth to others by earning special account icons.